Rising Up

IMG_2106The Wizard of Oz is one of my favorite movies.  I could watch it every day and twice on Sundays.  There’s just a lot of symbolism in it, and of course, it’s a great movies for the innocents.

There’s a belief that there’s no place like home…home is safe…home is the hearth of creativity and healing, of patriotism and honor.

Well, just as the Wizard of Oz is fantasy, it would seem that the belief that there’s no place like home could be a fantasy too.  Anyone who has been witness to the goings-on in our beautiful America (my home), would not disagree.  There is no little man behind the curtain to hand out a heart, or a brain, or courage.

We are being beckoned by something greater than ourselves to rise up, to wake up from our dream state and to witness the heralding of a newer, bolder, wiser, more loving, more courageous beingness.  No, I don’t mean more tolerant — that hasn’t worked, has it?  No, I don’t mean more compassionate, we are already inherently compassionate beings.

I mean being in the place of spirit where Love, Truth and Life become the design and control of who we are.  We are the expression of God in action.  We are Human, but we are also Being.

Because of our humanness, we can be fooled once.  But because of our Beingness, we now know that the ruse is up and we got game. America is my home. And there is no place like America. She needs us now.  You in?

When you make the decision, there’s no need to click those ruby red slippers to know that you’re home.  You know it by every breath you take.







Seeing Red


I’m studying the Chakras again, readying myself for becoming a Reiki Master Teacher.  It’s an exciting journey…goes hand in hand with my love of Shamanism and my path as a blossoming Tarotista.

The first chakra is the Root Chakra.  Red is the color.  Stability, security, focused, grounded are just some of the words associated with this particular chakra.  As I studied the information given to me on the Root Chakra by my Reiki Master, I visualized the Ruby Red slippers from the movie, The Wizard of Oz.

Dorothy Gale and her little dog, Toto, are swept up into the eye of a tornado (the eye, of course, being the still place amidst the chaos; had she not traveled in the eye of the tornado, she would be dead and there would be no movie! I also find it interesting that the author gave her the surname of Gale — a very strong wind).  Anyway, after all the fuss of Dorothy and Toto arriving in Munchkinland, Glenda the Good Witch transfers the ruby red slippers from the now deceased Wicked Witch of the East to Dorothy’s feet — and the journey begins down the yellow brick road toward the Land of Oz.  All sorts of pitfalls, obstacles and distractions occur to keep Dorothy from getting to Oz.

So here are these ruby red (the color of the Root Chakra) slippers on Dorothy’s feet and she has to maintain her stability, her security, her self-esteem through it all.  The Adrenal glands, part of the Endocrine System, are part of the Root Chakra’s realm. Tell me that Dorothy and Toto’s adrenals didn’t get a good workout during this movie.  Holy cow!  Witches, flying monkeys, a silly old man acting the part of a Wizard from behind a curtain.  And then finding out that there really is no way for her to get back home — which is the only thing she wanted from the Wizard.  The Cowardly Lion received his Courage.  The Tin Man received his Heart.  The Scarecrow received his Brain.  But there was nothing in the Wizard’s little black bag that would get Dorothy back home. And then she learns that everything she wanted was right there with her all the time.

There really is no place like Home.  Home being the Root Chakra…where the journey begins.

Have you seen the Wizard of Oz movie?  Did the ruby red slippers captivate you (they did me!).

How is your Root Chakra?  Do you feel grounded and focused?  If so, great!!  If not, finding a Reiki practitioner would be a suggestion…also finding a Nia class (www.nianow.com) is a great way to open and balance the Root Chakra.  Dancing, moving, walking in nature.  Do it.