Let Love Radiate with Awareness


The Boston Marathon Bombings — another horrific tragedy that has elicited international attention.  Tragic.  Unbelieveable.  My heart goes out to those injured, either physically and/or emotionally and to the families of the deceased.  

There is no human intervention that can stop the ruthlessness, the cruelty and insanity of those who commit these violent acts of terror, be they domestic or international in scope.  Humanity continues to prove to me its separation from Spirit, from Source.  

Fear is the overlying emotion that we are left with in these situations.  Fear that we can no longer go about our daily activities — I mean really — shooting innocent people in a movie theatre?  Shooting innocent children while they’re in school?  And now bombing an event whose focus was on bringing awareness to Patriot’s Day and also the Newtown victims?   Insanity.  The world is going to hell in a handbasket as they say.  “Going” to hell?  I’d say these kinds of tragedies are beyond “going” anywhere.  Hell is here.  And it will continue to be hell on earth as long as we allow ourselves to be controlled by fear.  

What is it that dispels fear?  LOVE.  Not the “Johnny Depp-is-so-sexy” kind of love.  Not the “til-death-do-us-part” kind of love.  Not even the “peace-on-earth” kind of love that is so easily bantered about these days.  It is so easy for those words to come rolling out of our mouths.  “Peace on earth.” “Make love not war.”  “Love is all you need.”

Hmmm…if that is truly what is in the hearts of women and men on earth, if love is all we need, then why isn’t there peace on earth?  Why aren’t we making love not war?  Why are we continuing to pick up the pieces of a fractured country?  Why are we having to deal with Supreme Court rulings on same sex marriages?  Gun control?  Sexual abuse?  Child molestation?  Oh, and the list goes on and on.  

Really?  Is love all we need?  Not in my experience.  There is the need for truth AND love…I call it the divine design.  If we are not being truthful about the love that we offer into the world, then it all goes to hell in a handbasket.  It is only lies that come out of our mouths.  Until liberals and conservatives can stop bashing each other; until men and women can truly love one another without judgment, without bashing each other (literally or figuratively); until Christians and Catholics and Lutherans and Protestants and Jews and Muslims and Buddhists and Hindus and all religions and all their various sides, sects and divisions can love one another in TRUTH…well…we will continue to live in this hellish state of affairs.

Are we so surprised that there is this continued violence?  There are gasps of horror that something so vile could still happen in America.  Really?  I see Facebook posts on a daily basis that continue to affirm the judgment and separation that exists in the minds and hearts of humans.  Where is spiritual expression?  Where is the grandeur of love in its finest and purest communication?  I don’t see it coming from very many…and I’m not being self-righteous here either.  I fall prey to the ways of the world frequently.  I get pulled into the gossip and into conversations that in the end are devastatingly destructive.  Ugly energy, destructive energy.  Is that what I want?  Is that my purpose on earth — to emit and scatter ugly energy?  Of course not.  And it is a rotten sensation when I catch myself in the middle of it.  I have to shake it off and walk away.  And I also have to let LOVE radiate without concern for what comes back.  

These are just thoughts…some sensations and feelings and images that came to me this morning.  Do I see impending gloom and doom?  No.  I see Trouble with a capital T, but within that Trouble, I also see Spirit in Action.  I have many friends who I trust sense, feel and imagine many of these things of which I speak.  

How does all of this apply to Nia? — afterall, it is my desire to keep this blog mostly about Nia.  Nia invites change.  Nia activates my physical, mental, emotional and spirit realms through conscious movement, creative expression.  With Nia, I dance through life…I dance first, allowing the issues in my tissues to move and be free to leave instead of becoming repressed and stagnant.  Nia is about possibilities.  Through teaching and sharing Nia, I reach out through this incredibly rich and flavorful lifestyle and cardiovascular dance fitness practice — and I touch the hearts, minds and spirits of those with whom I am connected — and that energy and vibration allows LOVE to radiate into the universe beyond where parallels line meet…if in fact they ever do meet.  

Let the TRUTH of LOVE radiate.  Dance First.  Get In Your Body and move.  Let emotions and thoughts bubble up to the surface and express them through creative and conscious movement.  

Let Love Radiate with Awareness.  My love radiates to all of those affected by this senseless and violent tragedy in Boston.  There are senseless and violent tragedies being experienced EVERYWHERE in the world.  If it is to stop, it has to begin right here.  With me.  Make it so.

Love or Fear?


It’s cold.  It’s winter and it’s Wisconsin, so what is it that I expected?  Surely not 70 degrees and warm sunshine!  So if it’s cold, it’s winter and it’s Wisconsin, wouldn’t it be a likely choice that I would wear clothes that would keep me warm? Sure it would.  It’s just common sense.  It wouldn’t be healthy wearing shorts, a tank top and flip flops in the snow.

Why is it that some folks make choices that are opposite of creating healthy situations?  There’s the obvious ones like continuing to smoke even though there is so much research out there to prove that it’s bad for your health…or driving intoxicated — and in both of those choices, by the way, others are involved.  Second hand smoke or becoming increasingly incapable of remaining healthy for any period of time, or potentially involving other drivers on the road.  Then there’s the little choices.  I’m going to eat that chocolate cake because I want it.  I’m going to drink that third cup of coffee because I want to.  Doesn’t matter that it’s not healthy for me (for whatever reasons).  I want to do it,  and I’m going to.  So there.

Choices.  We all make them.  Some made blindly, some more consciously than others and always we get to handle the results and/or consequences of our choices.  Some make choices based on the authority we have bestowed on another — like the pseudo-authority of doctors, lawyers, politicians.  Back in the early 80’s, I used to drive an old beater of a car — a old heap of a Dodge Charger.  It would’ve fallen apart if it weren’t for the “Question Authority” bumper stickers I had all over it.  I still question authority when it comes from outside myself.  I do heed the wise words of those I trust (good friends, my husband).   I don’t trust doctors.  I’ll listen to them on occasion but then I’ll wait for my own internal authority figure to suggest what choice I should make based on all the information.  For instance, the flu shot.  If the mass consciousness believes it to be the thing to do, I can usually bet that it’s not for me.  I don’t do something “just because.”  Vaccinations.  Don’t do them either.  Cold medicine, cholesterol medicine, arthritis medicine…pretty soon our bodies aren’t even our bodies anymore — they are a conglomeration of pharmaceuticals and synthetics — and the effects go far beyond just the body (although without a body, the rest of it doesn’t matter, eh?).

And then on other occasions, I make a decision based on impulse.  Sometimes it works out in my favor, most times those impulsive decisions (like eating that chocolate cake) prove to have some pretty interesting consequences.  Choices are normally made out of Love or out of Fear.  What’s the motive behind your choice?  Often life will find a way for us to hear that wee, small but oh so powerful voice of our own inner authority.  You have to be ready to hear it.  You might be driving somewhere looking to the heavens for an answer to a current uncomfortable life circumstance and you hear a voice that says something powerful.  WHO WAS THAT???  The inner authority speaks.  The person who is ready to hear it will listen and adjust accordingly.

I have a choice for you — and it’s the Mother of all Choices.  Are you ready?  

CHOOSE LOVE.  It’s the only choice.  One of the ways to choose LOVE is to love your body and love your life.  If you’re unfamiliar with how to do that, I can help you.  Find a Nia class near you (www.nianow.com).  Go.  Dance.  Be.  Laugh.  Transform your life.  Love your Body.  Celebrate.  Change.