Tarot Card for 2017


Queen of Swords — I love this card so much on many different levels for moving into 2017:  I’m drawn to the energy and vibration of this card — the strong character of the woman; the glint of light on the sword and her crown indicating a relationship between spirit and form; the doves indicating peaceful interactions; the cat indicating intelligent, self-reliance; the purple and indigo colors indicating connection to intuition and the Divine.  The Queen of Swords offers a mature expression; she doesn’t mince words AND communicates clearly without being devoid of emotion.

I couldn’t have picked a more appropriate card for moving into 2017.

I’m so excited about my tarot business expanding as well as expanding my vision for my Sacred Space Studio classes:  Nia, Chakradance™ and Tarot Tuesdays.

Gratitude in All Things!

Transformational Movement


Nia is transformational movement.  Was it my subconscious that led me to Nia?  Perhaps it was through the wisdom of the Universe that I found Nia.   I originally thought I was drawn to Nia because it is done barefoot … or maybe it was the music … or perhaps the invitation to express creatively while moving.  Whatever the case, I am infinitely grateful for the opportunity to teach Nia…to share the wonderous benefits (which go waaaaay beyond the physical realm) and to become part of a world-wide community of people who share the love of dance…who actually embody conscious transformation.

Marilyn Gordon, Director of Life Transformation Associates, says, “The divine art of conscious transformation can happen in the flash of a moment and can change the entire outlook of our lives. Even though we set ourselves free at one moment, doesn’t necessarily mean that we set ourselves free the next. We have to keep working on it, keep at it, keep on remembering the transformational work we came here for and keep on bringing the light to every aspect of ourselves.

It is for this reason that I found Nia.  To be a shaman, a healer, a catalyst for others to find their way in this crazy world; to invite others to “remember the transformational work we came here for” — and what better way to bring that invitation than through the expressive, creative art of dance and movement.

A Nia class is not just a cardiovascular fitness practice — although it is definitely that!!  Nia is a lifestyle practice as well.  One begins to feel good about themselves and begins to notice the little things in our lives that keep us from stepping fully into our greatness.  We have within us an inherent “greatness” gene.  It’s always there…sometimes it gets hidden or tossed to the back recesses of our beingness; nevertheless, it is there.  

In a Nia class — at least in MY Nia classes — there is an hour filled with love and laughter and moving the body in ways that perhaps it has never moved in before and in moving the body, the mind and heart awaken to a different voice…a unique and expressly personal voice that beckons the invitation to rise up my love, my fair one, and come away.  So many people in the world have a less than divine sensing of who they are, yet the divine self waits for the layers of self-denial, self-doubt and low self-esteen to fall away, revealing the beauty and grandeur of Being.  

This is my purpose…my sacred livelihood.  To engender change, to be a transformative force in my world…and thus in THE world.  Nia is my platform, my mode of transportation…transformation is an ever-moving destination — one that brings me much joy as I dance through life.  My Life As Art.  Won’t you join me in the fantastic journey?  The first stop along the way is “Love Your Body.”

Forgiving and For Giving


Interestingly enough, the body DOES say what words cannot.  I’ve noticed more often than not that when forgiveness is needed and self-centeredness keeps us from offering it to ourselves and to others, the body ends up suffering.  (Metaphysically, we could translate “the body” as the planet, the world and those who inhabit it).

Self-centeredness, judgment and greed have blinded the human race from fully expressing the magnificence and greatness of who we were designed to BE.  We have fallen way short of the divine design — that we are Divine Beings in human form.  We would much rather choose to see only the “human” and not acknowledge the divine.  Such a waste.  Look around.  Do you like what you see in the world?  If you say yes, then I invite you to re-read the first sentence of this paragraph.  If more likely you say no, then part of the solution to bringing about more balance in the world is forgiveness.

Today is Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement in the Jewish world; a day of repentance and forgiveness.  I wish all of my Jewish friends an easy go of it.  

“Repentance” has such a heavy sensation to it and yet it need not be.  Forgiving and repenting need not include wailing and carrying a crushing load.  Repenting is the act of moving from the darkness into the light.  My yoke may be heavy, but my burden is “light” (as in the radiant light of the sun).  The body need not suffer with the weight of repentance and forgiveness.

I have learned to be both forgiving and for giving.  I first forgive myself for the judgments, the self-centeredness and the greed that is part of the load I carry simply because I am IN the world.  And I am for giving thankfulness and gratitude that I am consciously aware I am not OF the world.  My repentance is a simple act of saying “no thank you” as I turn away from the darkness.  In doing so, my body says what words cannot.  I dance.

I dance not because I want to but because I HAVE to.  It is my way of expressing forgiveness.  Emotions become untangled, thoughts become unencumbered, physically the sensation is of lightness, and spirit invokes the qualities and characteristics of the divine.  They all merge together as an uplifting, creative expression of Love.

So let your body say what words cannot — Love Your Body and Love Your Life.  Dance with me.  

To find a Nia class near you, check out http://www.nianow.com and click on “Find Nia”.  You won’t regret it.