Sacral Chakra


The Sacral Chakra is the 2nd of 7 major chakras.  Chakras are energy centers, each having a unique language, color, tone, and essence.  An imbalance of any chakra can result in physical, emotional, mental or spiritual concerns.  Balancing the chakras through movement is the best way I’ve found to increase the beautiful vibration found in each of these energy centers.

Although the Sacral Chakra is known for it’s sexual energy, it is important to note that creative energy emanates from this chakra as well.  An imbalance in the sacral chakra can result in a creative block, sexual deviancy, abuse or frigidness.  

Have I mentioned recently that I teach the best cardio dance fitness fusion/lifestyle practice on the face of the planet? Check it out here:  Nia has 52 Moves, 7 of which are related to the Pelvis, Chest and Head (in Nia we call these “the Core”).  The pelvis — home of the Sacral Chakra — has 2 moves:  Pelvic Circles and Hip Bumps.

I have found in my 12 years of teaching Nia, that most (not all) women have a disconnect with their pelvis and/or hips. Creative and sexual energy in the Sacral Chakra goes far beyond the desire and outworking involved in bringing forth a human life.  The exhilaration felt in moving the pelvis and hips the Nia way provides a doorway to loving our bodies and loving our lives.  Flexibility, mobility and stability are experienced in the pelvis and hips in a safe way when we do Pelvic Circles and Hip Bumps and we are once again connected to the source of creative energy.  Creative energy can be in the form of singing, dancing, painting, sculpting, writing, playing…creative energy is…well…creative energy!!  

I have no children…mine and my husband’s conscious choice…yet he and I have created and brought forth such beauty in our 2 and 1/2 acres of gardens and strolling paths, a vineyard, a pond and many sitting areas enjoyed by our friends, customers and neighbors.  We find ways of creating the environment or atmosphere for others to step into their creative greatness.  And we do it with a passion that emanates from the creative energy of the sacral chakra.  

Take a moment to rub your palms together briskly, creating some heat.  Next, lay the palms of your hands on your abdominal area (you can do this standing, sitting or lying down).  The abdominal area is just below your navel.  Allow the heat (which YOU created) in your palms to soak into your sacral chakra.  Offer gratitude for sensing the balance in the creative and sexual energy in your Sacral Chakra.

Want to learn more about Pelvic Circles and Hip Bumps?  Come to one of my classes!  I teach 4 classes a week at my studio. You can also find a studio near you by using the website URL above and clicking on “Find Nia” and then “Classes”.  

Dance like nobody’s watching…dance like everybody’s watching!!!  Just DANCE!!





As mentioned in my blog from New Year’s Day, Crow Woman is the Guardian of Sacred Law.  I did some reading this morning (after getting 8 hours of sleep — FINALLY!) regarding the significance of Crow Woman from a Native American standpoint.  I have Native American heritage (Ottawa/Ojibwe).  The Ottawa considered the Crow to be messengers.  In Cree lore, Crow Woman lived between two worlds, bringing messages through dreams to her tribe.  

“Her messages are not always welcome or immediately understood but their impact is clear.”

The relationship between Crow Woman, my Sun Sign Capricorn and my 13 Moon Signature White Planetary Mirror holds significance for me.  Crow Woman and the goat of Capricorn both draw forth images of living between two worlds while White Planetary Mirror’s responsibility is to be a reflection of death.  Death, in my humble opinion, is not to be feared.  It is ultimately a letting go of what no longer serves our purpose.  When the physical body can no longer contain our immense spirit, it passes away.

Death is not something I find talked about regularly in a conversation with friends, yet every moment of every day we find ourselves in the process of letting go or needing to let go of something that is detrimental to our overall survival.  It always comes down to choices.  We choose to eat what we want to, whether it’s deemed “good” or “bad” for us.  We choose to get involved emotionally and mentally with the ways of the world which then affect us physically.  Becoming consciously aware of what we think, say and do — every moment of every day — is not just important, but paramount to our personal health and healing.

When I talk to friends about their choices — what they put in their bodies:  food, smoking, pharmaceuticals, alcohol; and what thoughts, words and actions come forth from them) the message is not often not welcomed or understood. Yet one of my purposes on earth is to create opportunities for people to look more deeply inward, to let go of those things that keep them from their true identity — and it is also to allow them to be who they are without judgement.   So, Crow Woman I am — walking between two worlds.

Clarity — mental, emotional and physical — is my focus for 2013.  Clarity around boundaries.  Clarity with absolute awareness (realization) — there’s no sense in focusing on clarity if I’m unwilling to act with integrity on the visions that appear, holding sacred my responsibility of bringing balance to my world while being unattached to the things of the world.  Indeed the world’s way are not my ways, but I do live IN the world — I have a body, a mind, a heart and an immense spirit which contribute to how the quality of my life unfolds.  I am Crow Woman, Guardian of Sacred Law.  Sacred Law:  What one expresses into the world creates the world.  

I hold the power to transform.  I am not afraid to use it.

The dance of life.  Come…come and dance with me.  Create, let love radiate, be the truth of who you are.