Entering the Gateway to 2014



If you follow my blog, you know that I teach Nia — it is my sacred livelihood. My Nia classes are full of creative expression, an invitation to live and dance the truth of who you are — spirit in action, clothed in an extraordinary physical manifestation.

I love ceremony, I love creating a space where others are invited to step into their greatness, their divinity. Everything in this world needs to be lifted up.  The Universe awaits the opportunity to manifest that which we wish to dream into reality…and it will…it does…now and always — the Universe responds to our call. Every thought, every word, every action creates our world. What is it that YOU wish to dream into reality? Be cautious and CONSCIOUS of your wishes. They do manifest. There is no one to thank or to blame but yourself for what is revealed.  Wouldn’t you rather be grateful for what comes forth rather than accusing, blaming or criticizing? Afterall, it’s your creation.

On the Winter Solstice, Dec. 21, 2013, a gathering of 13 (one of my favorite numbers) celebrated with a ritual of gratitude and forgiveness for our journey through 2013.  Although Midnight on December 31st in the Gregorian Calendar is normally celebrated as the ringing in of the New Year, in some cultures the Winter Solstice brings forth the new journey.  I recognize both as holy and sacred.

We began our time together in an empowering circle…the room was dimly lit.  There were blank pieces of paper and a crayon, a stone and an “Angel” card for everyone.  The invitation was to enter the space intuitively, sitting where one was drawn to do so.  The first offering to the Universe was to jot down three things we were grateful for in 2013, there was no time to think about it, let spirit guide. The second offering was to jot down one thing in 013 for which we wanted to receive forgiveness. Gratitude and Forgiveness are BIG MEDICINE. Each stone had a word carved on it. The specific word represented our something for which we were grateful and the word on the Angel Card contained our individual “energy” for the dance we would be participating in shortly.

And we danced…beautiful dancing bodies (12 women and 1 man).  The playlist contained the “mantra of joy”, a beautiful song about dreaming, a melodic song of winter, a song of “together as one” and then we gathered back in our circle to dream in 2014.  No time to think about it…let the crayon hit the paper and stream of consciousness take over. Fill the paper if necessary, or just write a few things.

Our time ended with hands in prayer position at the heart and the words, “Let Love Radiate” (words that I use to bring all of my Nia classes to a close).

The Universe is waiting to respond…that’s what it does…respond.

I sense a unique shift occurring…it is time to put the cards on the table. What’s in your hand? What are you dreaming into 2014?

Crow Woman – Realization, Boundaries, Creativity


It’s New Year’s Day!  I welcome the abundant blessings and opportunities available in 2013!

It is up to me to manifest the reality of my focus and intentions in 2013.  The best way I know how to bring creativity into the world is through my sacred livelihood, Nia.  It is the dance of life for me — and the powerful agent of death — the letting go of all that does not serve my unique spirit.  

In honor of stepping in to a new cycle, I drew from the Mythical Goddess tarot deck four cards that surround my focus and intentions for 2013.

“Crow Woman is the Guardian of Sacred Law, wielding true justice and the highest principles of right and wrong.  Crow Woman shape-shifts and is unattached to the affairs of this world and the drama of human experience.  Crow Woman asks that you honor your boundaries.  Shift your life to be in synch with your own sacred nature.  Be true to yourself.”   

  • I intrepret that as:  The world’s ways are not my ways — true justice and the highest principles of right and wrong have nothing to do with man’s laws and justice system.  It has everything to do with integrity and living to my highest vision in any moment.  

 Remaining unattached to the filth, degradation and mockery that imbues this world on a daily basis is paramount for health and healing.  

  • True identity is key.  For those of you who know me, I think you would agree that this is how I live my life…I couldn’t have drawn a more perfect card!  Except that I drew 3 more perfect cards!!


Astara, Ace of Wind; Four of Earth (the goat mandala); and Creativity, Mother of Wind.

Astara, The Ace of Wind has to do with Realization, razor sharp mental clarity, conscious understanding.  Realization is the first step — conscious awareness.  Nia is the dance of conscious awareness and goes beyond just mental clarity — physical and emotional clarity are also a part of my process of Realization.

The Four of Earth portrays the Goat Mandala as a powerful shield of unity and strength that creates clear boundaries.  My sun sign is Capricorn and my 13 Moon calendar signature is White Planetary Mirror — both have to do with being grounded AND living with spiritual intent.  I am being invited to keep safe and sacred my boundaries and the space around me.  Conscious choices create safe boundaries and sacred space.  Not all of my choices have created a safe and sacred space for me.  One of my intentions is to have less of those occurrences in 2013!  

Creativity, Mother of Wind embodies the abundant, fertile creativity of the mind.  Her flow of ideas come into the Earth as beautiful manifestations of heavenly creations.  She brings inspiration and new realities to come.  Nia allows for creative expression that goes far beyond what I dance in the classroom.  I am lifted up to heights unknown when I am in that place of creativity — I am the dance of life.  

So it would appear I have quite a year ahead of me — having the Guardian of Sacred Law as my guide, I have no doubt it will be an exciting, adventurous journey.

A big thanks to beautiful Mythical Goddess tarot deck!



The Precious Present


It’s almost Christmas, which beckons the end of another year.  My recollections of Christmas from my childhood are of immense anticipation and excitement, the beautiful Christmas tree lights, the presents huddled under the tree…and wondering how many of them were for me??!!!

These days rather than the expectation of presents, I am dedicated to my actual presence.  What is it that I reflect into the world?  To what and whom am I receptive?

As I sit here at my computer, my beautiful cat Gloria is curled up on my lap (making it quite difficult to use the keyboard I might add).  She was a huge gift from the Universe last Christmas…in fact, tomorrow will be the one year anniversary of Gloria’s presence in our home.  I was finally able to entice her from the deck (where she had willingly remained for two weeks after wandering onto it from who knows where) into our house with the aid of a can of tuna.  She’s been with us ever since and has added a whole new dimension to our household of furry friends.  We have two older cats, Loki (a 16 year old male) and Sophie (a 10 year old psychotic nut) both who have welcomed (maybe too strong of a word) Gloria into the fold.

It has been an interesting year for sure.  It began with “the great purge”.  I won’t go into detail; suffice it to say that lots of not so appealing “stuff” was purged physically, emotionally and mentally.  Spring was awesome on our property, followed by a fabulous summer.  I retook the Nia White Belt Intensive and registered for retaking the Nia Blue Belt Intensive this coming March.  We visited relatives in Kansas City and in  Dallas.  There was a 10-week drought which under normal circumstances might have been tragic (and it was for many), but we found our grape plants producing 300 lbs. of grapes and we are now fermenting 30 gallons of our own wine.  Fall was late in coming and then burst into a kaleidoscope of extraordinary colors, followed by frigid cold weather and now 16″ of snow.  Hello winter!

So, there you have 2012 in a nutshell.  Oh, and the world didn’t end on the Winter Solstice…or maybe it did and a new world has emerged.  I do know that I taught a special Winter Solstice Nia class on Wednesday, Dec. 19th which in my humble opinion was one of the most rich and textured classes I taught all year.  

And I’m happy to report that my 62nd birthday is fast approaching (where did the last 30 years go?).  

Some folks like to remember details about their past.  I prefer the lusciousness of the precious present moment.  I look forward to sharing 2013 with my friends, co-workers, Nia students, and family.  I have been gifted by life with the most wonderful husband, two great jobs (bookkeeper for our business and Nia teacher), gorgeous gardens that we love to share and a spiritual background and education that has been the backbone of my life since 1982 (that would amount to 30 years).

As I tell my Nia students (who are my wonderful, blessed Nia friends), “thankfulness in all things…no picking and choosing…thankfulness in all things”.

Let love radiate and bring it on 2013.