Gratitude & Forgiveness

Choose Love

Gratitude and Forgiveness are my two pillars of strength — not only gratitude and forgiveness for others but for one’s self as well.

They are, however,  just words until they are represented through action(s).

I end all of my Nia classes with “Gratitude in all things, no picking and choosing and Let Love Radiate.”

The “no picking and choosing” is the hard part.  Sure we can be grateful when things are going our way.  Not so easy when we’re caught by surprise with no time to fully encompass the rapidly changing scenery.  But through it all we can Let Love Radiate.

Love is the answer.  Love is not all there is, but Love is the answer.  In my experience, when I hold gratitude in one hand and forgiveness in the other — there is a balancing of the scales and in the middle weaving it all together is Love.

May we continue — and begin in some cases —  to embody the peace that we say we want.


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