Way Down Deep


My latest accomplishment has been to receive my certification as a Chakradance™ Facilitator.  I cannot express fully enough in words how grateful I am to have had this movement practice for the soul come into my life.  It was quite synchronistic that I found it actually.  I had noticed it several times on my Facebook newsfeed.  I’ve been facilitating meditation classes for quite some time and on most occasions go through the chakras.  When I taught Yoga back along the way, chakras were very much a part of my teaching.  I’ve been teaching Nia for 15 years and movement of the 3 body weights in Nia (the pelvis, chest and head) activate and open the 7 chakras.

I’ve been wanting to expand the offerings at Sacred Space Studio so when I logged on to my email one morning back in April, there was a message from “Jenny” of Chakradance™ letting me know that this day was the last day to register for the Facilitator training at a reduced cost.  All sorts of thoughts when through my head about not having the time or not being sure if this was exactly what I was looking for, yadda yadda yadda.  You know the drill.  But my intuition was much more open and willing than my mind, so I went for it.  And W.O.W. am I ever delighted that I followed my intuition.

The feedback I’ve received from the several one hour and 15 minutes classes I’ve taught has been encouraging and enlightening.  I finished my first of seven Workshops this past Sunday — starting with the Base Chakra — and the feedback from this workshop confirmed even further that I had made the right choice.

Spontaneous dance, specific music, creative visualizations and imagery, along with the wonderful Mandala-creating exercise contained in the classes and the workshops invites the participants to go way down deep.  It’s transformational.  It’s healing.  It’s truly a movement practice for the soul.

It is my pleasure to be offering Nia classes, Reiki classes and therapy sessions, Chakradance™ classes and workshops, Tarot readings and meditation classes at Sacred Space Studio.  If you find yourself compelled toward any of these offerings, please feel free to contact me.  You can find my contact information on the “About” page.

7 responses to “Way Down Deep

  1. I’ve often wondered about Chakradance as a practice. I am now excited to experience it and consider the training to expand my own offerings as a holistic movement practitioner 🙂 I look forward to reading more blog posts from you about your training experiences!

    • Hi Kirstie! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I would suggest if you’re interested in trying it out to go to their website http://www.chakradance.com and look at purchasing the Discovery course. It’s well worth the $75 and it will give you a great read on going deeper into the Facilitator course. I love love love it!!

      • I am looking into it. I love that it’s all do-able online… cuz the Australian element is a bit far for me to just drop everything for a training 😉 But I do so want to go there and live for a bit… but that’s another topic entirely!
        Thank you for the website info!

    • My pleasure! Natalie Southgate was just in Chicago (outside of Chicago) for a Chakradance Facilitator Retreat…the first ever in the United Stated. I wasn’t able to go!!!!! Agggghhhhh. I hear ya about Austrailia!

  2. Hi Jill:
    I checked for information and found a teacher in Portland! I sent her an email to see about taking a class! Let’s all go to Australia for awhile! Love ya, Kaycheri

    • Hi Kaycheri! Yes, do try Chakradance! The website is http://www.chakradance.com. I would suggest doing the Discovery Course first. They have a “special” going on it right now. Then you can decide if you want to journey on to the Facilitator training! Thanks for stopping by and commenting my dear friend!!! Love ya back! Jill

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