Nia and Tarot

It is what it isSo you might ask what Tarot and Nia have to do with one another.  They are more similar than different actually.  They both move me deeply.  I am guided by spirit when reading Tarot or when dancing Nia. Both require listening to my intuition and sensing in all the realms — physical, emotional, mental and spirit.

My plan is to begin using one Tarot card to guide me in setting the focus and the intent  for each day and if there is a Nia class that day, that same focus will apply to the class.

I’m really excited about how this journey will unfold.  It is What It Is and I’m Going with the Flow.


3 responses to “Nia and Tarot

  1. Sounds fascinating. I love the tarot – wish I knew more about it. You recommended TheTarotLady to me awhile back, and I’ve consulted with her a couple times…she is fantastic. But on my own…I wouldn’t know how to interpret the cards.

    • Hi there! I have to sit with the cards (or card) for awhile to allow my intuition guide me. I used to get frustrated that it didn’t just come to me immediately. Now I know I have to be patient. I’m still a newbie though. This is going to be fun merging my love for Tarot and Nia. Hey! I’m glad you checked out The Tarot Lady. She’s great. Thanks for your comment!

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