Being a Shaman

Leave a trail of magic

I remember several years ago while retaking my Nia White Belt, the trainer asked all of the attendees what we would choose to be if there were a magic wand to make it so.  My answer was a Shaman.

In hindsight, looking back from the day that question was asked up to this current moment, that is exactly the path I have chosen.  I’ve taken several Shamanic Journey workshops and have facilitated a few.  A Shaman perceives everything that exists as alive and as having a spirit.  Shamanism is a path of the heart, not of the mind.  For those who need scientific evidence (required by the mind), you can stop reading now.

I’ve been teaching Nia for 15 years.  My Nia classes all begin in a circle — which is sacred in itself.  I see every class beginning with a ceremony.  We set an intention and then we dance that intention with our bodies.  Sandra Ingerman, in her book Walking in Light: the Everyday Empowerment of a Shamanic Life says, “Ceremony creates a relationship between humans and the creative forces of the universe where intention leads to an action that manifests as change in the physical world.”  THIS is my world — the world of change.  Nia invites change.  Many of my students who have been with me for years have experienced profound changes in their lives — they were and continue to be willing to grow and evolve and move with life’s challenges.

I love my life, the path I find myself traveling and those with whom I share this path.

5 responses to “Being a Shaman

      • Hmm. Oh . . . wait, so you do this before you start the routine? I was thinking that so many routines are wonderful the way they are and putting them in a circle (EVERY TIME) would change the magic of the movement . . . and I am just not that good to do that with some of the routines . . . .but if you mean you do the circle to create the space prior to starting to dance the routine, I get it. Or maybe YOU don’t do it that way, but that would be the only way I could do it and now I could see that happening. (Let me know (please) . . . but now I can see it.)

        Yes, beautiful!

        AH-HA! Thanks . . . . XO

      • I gather everyone in a circle to create sacred space. No, no I would not be comfortable teaching an entire routine in a circle!!! Holy cow!!!

        Thanks for commenting and clarifying!

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