It’s An Inside Job

white crystal  mirror

I received my December horoscope today from The Tarot Lady.  My mantra for this month is “It’s An Inside Job”.

Interestingly enough, this morning before reading the information contained in my December horoscope, I decided to a) start a daily yoga practice; b) increase my meditation time; c) put together my Winter Solstice Nia routine for December 17th which will be a quieter, more inward-focused class.

I truly love the synchronicity of life’s messages — even from Mother Nature.  The past few days have been in the 40’s but the forecast is for dipping down low into the teens tonight and tomorrow…definitely a time for hibernation for me!

I’m excited about this time for reflection which simultaneously seems to bring about creative ideas for seeding the new year!

How about you?  How are you spending your December days?  Is the weather in your area conducive for making the words “It’s An Inside Job” your mantra?

I’m excited

4 responses to “It’s An Inside Job

  1. I love this mantra- it’s an inside job! Isn’t that the case so much of the time? I’m curious about your horoscope from the Tarot Lady. The place I used to get mine is no longer operating. Does The Tarot Lady have a site? Or is this a private session you have with her? Also, what is your sign? I love astrology, and look forward to reading what lies ahead each month.

  2. Oh my goodness, the Tarot Lady is so fabulous. She’s also on Facebook. Her website is: Her name is Theresa. She’s fabulous. I’ve used her for years. She’s great. You can have a one-on-one face to face, email or phone session. Thanks for asking! I’m a Capricorn with a Libra rising and a Pisces moon. How about you??

    • So for some reason I missed the notification when you replied to my comment. Good thing I was perusing your blog this morning and saw this….I’m an aquarius sun and rising. And thanks for the tarot lady link…I will definitely check out.

  3. 🙂 For me the first days in December are all about decorating. I love to get my decorations up as soon as possible. And “possible” is a relative term. This year due to the fact that my husband forbid me from going up and getting the boxes myself, I had to wait for him to be available. That meant that I could spend the week cleaning. I like to get the house all sparkly clean before I bring on the decorations. So I was able to dust, oil, clean, and wash all my cabinets. Plus vacuum all the cobwebs and all the stuff. So, I was a happy camper setting up all my stuff! Now the downstairs is all clean and decorated and the upstairs looks like a tornado hit. Where do you think all the stuff from downstairs goes? Tee hee. Our weather is fine . . . . although if you listen to the weather people (which I don’t, but everyone else is and they keep telling me) we are going to have stormagedon and the world is going to come to an end. Geez. A little rain and wind and people think they need to “stock up”. We don’t get snow. I think it all goes along with the “fear” the media likes to create. But whatever . . . . so maybe “It’s an inside job” for me can refer to listening to MY own voice and the faith I have that things are going to be fine instead of listen to all the fear mongers!


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