Smaller Movements

I seem to waffle between posting on my blog a lot or posting very seldom. Anyone else have that issue? I have the intention to blog every day, I just don’t do it. I’m going to reinstate the intention here that I would like to blog more often.

About a week ago, I started writing “morning thoughts” (yes, writing…as in longhand, cursive). Except for the weekend (do weekends count?), I have been true to writing down my thoughts without caring about proper punctuation or spelling — just stream of consciousness writing which pretty much amounts to getting all the buzzkill crap out of my head and onto paper.

A friend of mine posted on Facebook this morning about not always having to “push through” (relating to the fitness myth of having to push through pain or resistance in order to achieve greatness) but instead to use smaller movements, to even rest while moving.

Those words struck me deeply. As a Nia practitioner, my goal in every class is to bring a variety of movements and energies — but mostly I love the big movements — whether Tae Kwon Do kicks and punches or (Isadora) Duncan’s playful, freestyle of dance movements.

I’ve noticed that my physical stamina is not what it used to be. At the age of 30, I was doing amateur weightlifting (ala Arnold) and going to the health club EVERY day using all the machines and taking aerobics classes. My body was buff. At the age of 40, I gave the health club, machines and aerobics classes up and began to search for other types of dance exercise. I found Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythms and Rudolf Steiner’s Eurythmy, which ultimately led me to Nia.

At the age of 63 (closing in on 64 — will you still need me?), I am committing to making smaller movements, slowing down, quieting down. That does not mean my Nia classes won’t be kick ass spectacular, they will be. But there will be a difference and it will be magical.

3 responses to “Smaller Movements

  1. I can’t believe you ever intended to blog everyday! Unlike you, I set my original goal to once a week and although I have been able to keep up with that goal, I often wonder how long, how come and does any of it matter? I think that until I read someone’s comment or they tell me that something I wrote really resonated with them. That means more than anything because another original intention was to help just ONE person through my writing.
    All I can say is that I KNOW you have done the same, so write when you can, when your heart speaks and when it feels right – BIG or SMALL!

  2. That is why I miss your posts because you will post, so I will come check and then you don’t post for a long time so I stop checking, then I forget then I come over here and I’ve missed three. When you had your first blog on WordPress, I received a notification, but I don’t with this one. I, myself, am on a strict posting schedule.

    I was hoping it would encourage people to frequent my blog. I post three times a week: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. There have been a few times I have missed or forgotten, but for the past five years I have been pretty consistent.

    I love both the BIG and little movements. The big ones really help to prove one can get an aerobic workout without high impact and the little ones can prove that little movements aren’t necessarily “easy” and can provide a great workout! Oooo! I get excited just thinking about that stuff!

    Oh man! I just got it! Geez! Yes, I will still need you! (Eyes rolling!!!) MUAH!

  3. I just love your consistency in posting on your blog. I would like to; I have so much I want to say…it just doesn’t happen like I want it to. I love your eye rolling by the way!!! HA!

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