The practical side of “being spiritual”

The practical side of being spiritual is non-existent from my observation of many folks today — mostly our youth — who are desperate to “be spiritual” or have spirituality in their lives. There’s no sense of urgency to get on with one’s life…”spirit will take care of everything.”

No. Spirit will not take care of everything. Spirit is there…just like the mind, the body and emotions…to use with a sense of practicality. One has to act in a responsible and accountable manner with integrity and respect…and THEN spirit takes care of things.

I had a thoughtless encounter the other day…I was being practical, but I could’ve been more thoughtful with my words. My intention today is to let it go since the whole matter has ZERO to do with my life and ye it has everything to do with the energy of responsibility, accountability and practicality…and being spiritual.

Practical spiritual expression. Living with integrity takes guts and some brains. It takes being honest with one’s motives, one’s intentions, one’s wants and needs. It also takes self-confidence and the desire to be out in the world living one’s truth. Moving consciously.

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