Always Something Good!

This particular blogger is a favorite of mine — and this specific blog post spoke to me today. I love the Maya Angelou quote…more importantly I love how we always receive what we need to hear if we’re willing to listen. These words were very appropriate for a personal situation today…one in about which I was less than happy, but my husband said, “It’s not about the other person and what they should or shouldn’t have done; it’s about how one responds to the situation.” I am here to uplift and inspire. I can’t do that if I’m busy being in a snit about something fairly insignificant in the larger picture.

One response to “Always Something Good!

  1. I am happy this spoke to you today. I am spending the weekend going through my mom’s stuff. Tomorrow (April 11, 2014), Mother’s Day 2014, is the one month anniversary of her death. Odd weekend. Having a nice visit with my dad. He is a great guy!

    Love you. Thank you for your kind words.

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