It is What It Is, Baby!

It is what it is

I continue to be mystified by the addiction of the world at large of needing to categorize everything as “good or bad.” We spend more time than should ever be allowed on judging people, events, circumstances…even the weather…as good or bad. Living in the midwest has proven to be somewhat of an ordeal this winter (not that other places haven’t had their own ordeal with which to contend).  Complaining about the weather is commonplace this winter. Winter is “bad”.  Summer is “good”…unless of course it’s too hot and we forgot how “bad” the winter was and wish for it to be cold again.

One restaurant is bad, another is good. One political party is bad, another is good. One country is bad, another is good.

There is a way, a very simple way, to rid oneself of this addiction.  “Thankfulness in all things.”

If you’ve been following my blog, you know I teach Nia. I end each of my Nia classes with “Gratitude in ALL things, no picking or choosing, and Let Love Command.”  Every Nia class ends with these words.  My life and how I live it is based on the four words, “Thankfulness in all things”.

There’s just no sense in complaining about something over which we have no control.  What if it were ALWAYS winter?  Would life be one constant judgment of the weather being bad?  How absurd.

Be thankful for ALL things.  Being thankful automatically eliminates the addiction of labeling anything good or bad.  There’s a line from the movie, Army of Darkness — “Good, bad, who cares, I’m the guy with the gun.”

And my smoking’ gun is “thankfulness in all things.”  Good, bad, who cares?  It is what it is.

4 responses to “It is What It Is, Baby!

  1. You are so right Jill, gratitude and a grateful heart allows you to experience things differently and to not let trivial things like the weather negatively effect your life. Thanks for the reminder through your lovely post!

  2. Well, I disagree when it comes to restaurants and places where I eat and shop. The weather . . . is the weather and I can be thankful for it because all seasons are necessary. But I don’t have to go out and eat and spend my money at a restaurant that is “bad”. Or go to a store that has “bad” customer service. I can be thankful for the fact that I am able to go out and eat and shop, but I don’t feel I have to be thankful if the food or service was not good. I care in that situation because I don’t have a lot of money to waste (and to me it is wasting it if I didn’t like what I ordered) so, I care. To me, not ALL things should be labeled, but some should. But that is just MY opinion. And I thank you for letting me share it here!

    I have to go to FB and look at what this has to do with coffee . . . .

  3. Jill, I love this! Nothing has to be bad or good, as though those are the only choices we have. Even that which gets labelled, changes. What’s “bad” today will change. Nothing is permanent. I leave room for change. I like to consider that no experience (or financial endeavor) is wasted if I could learn something (I may have learned that I don’t like that restaurant’s way of making fish tacos – but perhaps their margaritas are fabulous). Gratitude as well as hope. I’m a big fan. Thank you, Jill.

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