Wow.  I just read Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook post that today (February 4, 2014) is Facebook’s 10th Anniversary.  I’m thinking I must’ve joined around 6 or 7 years ago.  Facebook literally changed my life.  I’ve made wondrously magical the worldwide connections through Nia ( and through Tarot ( — my two passions (beyond my husband and two cats) are teaching Nia and reading Tarot; finding friends I lost track of or haven’t connected with in…oh, say 25 years…wow.  Really WOW.  I have friends on Facebook with whom I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting and yet I feel as if we’ve been close friends for years.  I have friends on Facebook with whom I’ve had the distinct pleasure of meeting, of dancing with, of having lunches and dinners.  Most connections I have on Facebook are very special.  I’ve learned about conscious living, love, passion, compassion, giving, receiving, fitness programs and practices of all kinds, lifestyles, clothing, travel, food, nature, empowerment, sisterhood, community…I could go on and on.

Although Facebook was an addiction at first, it is now simply a fascinating network of connections with people I admire, respect and love.

For me, Facebook is a way to reach out; to speak my truth and have others comment and speak theirs; it’s a way of reaching out to let people know they are loved, they are being enfolded — a cyber embrace of sorts.  And of course, as with life in general, there are those who want to bring their own conflict, sadness, abusive photos and language, the wayward ways of the world up close and personal in their Facebook posts.  This year, I will no longer tolerate any of that.  Yes, it’s subjective.  But my objective is to keep my life free of energy vampires and casters of ill will.  There is no time or place in my life for that — time is moving much too quickly to waste it feeding or feeling bad vibes from folks who have a lack of consciousness.

It is about consciousness, you know.  Words and actions speak volumes.  Just look at the world today…IMHO it is not a joyous, prospering planet.  Conscious choices, connections of integrity and spirit.  I’m no Pollyanna.  I’m not looking to find the good in anything and everyone. That’s simply a foolish notion in today’s world.  I see ’em, I call ’em and I fold when I need to.  My intuition guides me more than anything.  My intuition has been my trusted guide for quite some time and has never failed me yet.

Do you use Facebook?  Are you connected with people of integrity, who are uplifting and compassionate?


2 responses to “Connections

  1. Why, yes, I use Facebook, as you already know. I got on it because I started teaching NIa and I wanted to get the word out. So I have friends on there that I don’t really know, but they are business connections. The ones that are business connections they conduct themselves in a business-like-ISH fashion. Then I have friends I know in person and they are primarily the foodies. Ya know, the ones that just post pictures of food. My newsfeed is always FULL of “food”, some of it is not anything I would ever eat! 🙂 Then I have Nia people, most I have never met in person, but I consider some friends — like you. So, I would say that most of the people I am connected to on FB are people of integrity. Not all of them are uplifting and/or compassionate, but it is THEIR FB page so I don’t inflict those rules on them. I just scroll past the posts I don’t want to read. I read the posts I want to read.

    Hugs to you!

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