Abundantly Joyful

And I’m abundantly hopeful that I can figure out how to post my blogs…

My Joyful Dance

Happy New Year!  It’s officially 2014.  



Just a quick blog post to let everyone know that my intent is to blog more often this year.  Last year just got away from me.

The word for this year is ABUNDANCE.  Our business enjoyed a vibrant year in 2013 and we’re trusting that more is on the way. Obviously we’re not just sitting on our butts waiting for that to happen — we are doers…we’re into making it happen, not my magic, even though it seems to happen that way sometimes!  The Universe WANTS to allow our dreams to be manifested, but it takes being proactive — spiritually speaking.  We have to be IN PLACE for LOVE to do what it does best…respond.  

So Happy New Year all!  May you be in place to receive all the joy that is yours to have!!!




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