I find that the more I stay in tune with my body, rather than listening to the stories of my mind, the Universe somehow brings together all the ingredients for a fabulous Nia class.

As a Nia teacher, I’m constantly looking for/researching what I can use as a focus for the class.  Yes, Nia classes start with setting a focus and an intent.  So I went searching this morning for a focus for my class at 9:00 a.m. The music I’m using is classic rock with some country and the choreography is classic Nia choreography using many of the Upper Extremities 52 Moves (yes, Nia has 52 Moves that are blended seamlessly into every routine).

I logged on to the Nia website (yes, Nia has a website:, clicked on Downloads, closed my eyes and pointed.  When I opened my eyes, my finger was pointing to Awareness of the Elbow.  Voila’, my focus for this morning’s class.  Try moving your elbow without moving your forearm or your shoulder.  Impossible.  The Upper Extremities include the Arms, Hands and Fingers, but much more is going on muscularly and with the bones, connective tissue, etc. when one moves the arms, hands and fingers.

I’m continually impressed, amazed, thankful, blessed to be a Licensed Black Belt Nia Practitioner.  Get In Your Body — let’s dance!!!


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