An Abundance of Energy


As seems to be the case in the last 12 month, I’m dealing with a physical injury; this time a sprained knee.  A friend (thank you Norma) commented to me that in Louise Hay’s book, “You Can Heal Yourself,” knee injuries can be about stubborn ego and pride; inability to bend, fear, inflexibility, won’t give in.  And to this I say, “Who, ME? Stubborn ego and pride?  Inability to bend?  Won’t give in??  ME??”


The new thought pattern. according to Hay, is “Forgiveness. Understanding. Compassion. I bend and flow with ease, and all is well.”   But for me this is not a new thought pattern.  I understand about forgiveness and compassion.  So what are these physical manifestations telling me?

Abundance.  That’s what came to me.  Abundance of love.  Abundance of life.  Abundance of truth.  Abundance of energy.

It’s been suggested that I get an MRI to get to the bottom of this ongoing  pelvic rotation problem as well as my knee re-injury.  But do I really want to subject my body to an MRI?  It’s still under consideration.

What if Life is saying that I have an abundance of energy; I am a vibrational being in a physical body and what if I were to continue to teach Nia from a more vibrational standpoint?  Obviously I have a body, so I live in the physical world.  As far as I know, science and medicine have not come up with a way to live forever, so yes, I will age and eventually this physical body will pass away.  And what is left then?  You got it.  Vibration.  Energy.  Until my body leaves this earth, my plan is to teach Nia…there will have to be an obvious shift of consciousness in order to allow that to happen.

I have absolutely no idea what this means.  Abundance is the word that is showing up in my mind, my heart, my physical body, the world around me.  I’m being asked to listen to creation.  Listen to what is being manifested.  Listen to the abundance of energy that is present.  Maybe at the age of 62, my body is asking that I find a different Level 3 energy (Level 3 being the highest level of physical energy exerted in Nia).  I’m still mulling it over.  Something is happening.  Another shift is about to take place.  And I’m welcoming it with open arms.

I’m also willing to surrender.  To let go of “stuff.”   It is a bit difficult to bend, to be flexible, to walk through the eye of a needle while carrying a matching set of Samsonite luggage full of crap.  Lighten it up.  Energy…a vibrational shift.

And I may still go and have the MRI.  I think it would be fascinating if the MRI showed nothing by a flow of energy and vibration through my body…it is there.  




7 responses to “An Abundance of Energy

  1. Dearest Jill, think of the abundance of ways to honour your body as you travel through life. The phrase that comes to my mind just now is one I am using a lot lately….”the new normal”. I’m 65. I’ve just completed a weekend of study at UWO in seniors’ fitness, face to face with the facts of science, medicine, and time—- that are so hard for us to face, idealists and Nia people that we are. TIme will not go away. This is an an opportunity for us, you and me, to relax into natural time, and go where it may be taking us. Instead of struggling against what it “was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be”, I am doing my best to open myself to the process of aging. I choose to welcome what I cannot change, and although I work furiously, stubbornly at times to counter the changes, I celebrate the abundance of knowledge that lets me understand what the injuries are telling me. Can we treat ourselves as lovingly as we do our precious students of 62, 65? . XO always, Jane

    • Hi Jane! Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I’m looking at the need to shift from 32 to 62. I’m not able to do what I used to be able to do even a year ago! My mind hasn’t made the transition yet, however that shift is happening as we speak!!

  2. HI Jill:
    Here comes 80 year old Kaycheri. No, I don’t do the things I did at 20, 30, 40 etc. etc. BUT I’m doing different things that are better – just like you. Yes, we need to honor the physical bodies we’ve chosen to vibrate in and they will amaze us. I’m writing to tell you that I intend to retake Brown Belt. You and I did that one and Black together, yes? Maybe you’ll be here for Brown again? It should be perfect for us vibrational beings. Love ya.

  3. Woo hoo Kaycheri!!! I hope to be as awesome as you at 80!!! I have been thinking of retaking Brown, but it will have to wait until 2014, as will Black Belt. Yes, we did both Brown and Black together! We be sisters of the Brown and Black!

  4. Knowing you as well as I do, I know that you open your arms and heart to anything that comes your way. Seeking information, processing your thoughts and feelings about it and looking for answers in the emotional and spiritual realm…something I wished more people would do! But I wonder, have you really grieved this loss of physical capability? Maybe what you really need vibrationally is to kick and scream and punch a pillow and use your not so lady like language and have a pity party? That could be just the release your body, mind and spirit could use…

    • Oh Kathy, you are such a gem. My PT has invited me to talk to my knee, strike up a conversation. It’s been interesting for sure. Yes, kicking and screaming…and cursing (you do know me don’t you?? haha). And no, I probably have NOT fully grieved the loss of a more energetic physical capability. But I have grieved, and continue to do so and am also watching Frank go through the process, too. It’s interesting, interesting, interesting. For 12 years I’ve been guiding my students to listen to their bodies…and now I need to listen to mine. Thank you dearest friend for your wise counsel. I love you.

      • Can’t wait to hear what that knee is saying! All of life is interesting and the process exposes us to the growth needed. Remind me that I have something for you to use to continue your expression of grief!!

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