Transformational Movement


Nia is transformational movement.  Was it my subconscious that led me to Nia?  Perhaps it was through the wisdom of the Universe that I found Nia.   I originally thought I was drawn to Nia because it is done barefoot … or maybe it was the music … or perhaps the invitation to express creatively while moving.  Whatever the case, I am infinitely grateful for the opportunity to teach Nia…to share the wonderous benefits (which go waaaaay beyond the physical realm) and to become part of a world-wide community of people who share the love of dance…who actually embody conscious transformation.

Marilyn Gordon, Director of Life Transformation Associates, says, “The divine art of conscious transformation can happen in the flash of a moment and can change the entire outlook of our lives. Even though we set ourselves free at one moment, doesn’t necessarily mean that we set ourselves free the next. We have to keep working on it, keep at it, keep on remembering the transformational work we came here for and keep on bringing the light to every aspect of ourselves.

It is for this reason that I found Nia.  To be a shaman, a healer, a catalyst for others to find their way in this crazy world; to invite others to “remember the transformational work we came here for” — and what better way to bring that invitation than through the expressive, creative art of dance and movement.

A Nia class is not just a cardiovascular fitness practice — although it is definitely that!!  Nia is a lifestyle practice as well.  One begins to feel good about themselves and begins to notice the little things in our lives that keep us from stepping fully into our greatness.  We have within us an inherent “greatness” gene.  It’s always there…sometimes it gets hidden or tossed to the back recesses of our beingness; nevertheless, it is there.  

In a Nia class — at least in MY Nia classes — there is an hour filled with love and laughter and moving the body in ways that perhaps it has never moved in before and in moving the body, the mind and heart awaken to a different voice…a unique and expressly personal voice that beckons the invitation to rise up my love, my fair one, and come away.  So many people in the world have a less than divine sensing of who they are, yet the divine self waits for the layers of self-denial, self-doubt and low self-esteen to fall away, revealing the beauty and grandeur of Being.  

This is my purpose…my sacred livelihood.  To engender change, to be a transformative force in my world…and thus in THE world.  Nia is my platform, my mode of transportation…transformation is an ever-moving destination — one that brings me much joy as I dance through life.  My Life As Art.  Won’t you join me in the fantastic journey?  The first stop along the way is “Love Your Body.”

7 responses to “Transformational Movement

  1. I love Nia for the very fact that it brought us together in friendship and laughter!! It has been quite a journey for both of us and although different I am so glad that we both honor the “transformational work that we came here for!” Continued blessings to you as you move through life!

    • Ahhhh….continued blessings back to you my dear friend!! I love your blog; I went back through from the beginning…I didn’t realize you had posted several times. Where was I? I’m following you now though!!! Thanks for your friendship!

  2. Sigh. I really intend to dance in your class one of these days. I don’t know when or how exactly, but I hold that intent/goal/expectation!

    HUGS to you!!!!!!!

  3. Your writing is also transformational. You are SO much appreciated! These days I am teaching less Nia and more yoga; but my teaching yoga has been influenced a great deal by Nia. It never stops. Love, Kaycheri

    • Hi Kaycheri!!! Thanks so much for your kind thoughts and words!!! Happy to hear your yoga is influenced by Nia and I noticed you did not say you weren’t teaching Nia anymore, just teaching less. Nia really is “it” for me. I’ve been able to pretty much create what I want with my classes all the while holding the integrity of Nia. I’d love to take more of the Nia trainings but, alas, they are too expensive. Love to you my friend!!!

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