I taught the Nia routine “Vibe” today.  I love the music.  My personal focus was to be in the moment with my movements.  As with all Nia routines that are produced by Nia HQ, this one has specific choreography that goes with each song; choreography that was developed with a specific focus and intent by Debbie Rosas (co-founder of Nia) and the Nia Trainers.

The focus I set for my class was “Conditioning and Confidence in Possibilities”.  Conditioning in this case was using different levels of intensity with the 52 Moves or choreography.  Sometimes I used speed as a reference for conditioning and also the planes (high, middle, low) of Nia; and sometimes both.  So many ways to utilize conditioning, too.  The “possibilities” piece had to do with where each person was individually with their energy level, their body sensitivity, etc. and their choices along the way.   I also added to my conversation “in the circle” (I always start my classes in a circle to set the focus) that choosing NOT to participate in the “speed or planes” of a move did NOT constitute a lack of self-confidence…more so it was an indication of listening to one’s body.  The invitation is always there to explore if it’s the right thing to do.

As soon as the music started, I knew — I sensed — that I was not going to follow the original choreography.  My spirit realm spoke quite clearly that it was time to really allow my personal focus of “being in the moment with my movements” to manifest in truly creative ways.

And truly creative it was!  I found myself surprised by some of the interesting “pearls” that came forth from my Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spirit realms.  I had such a great time, and I do believe my students did as well.

Have you ever found yourself compelled to create in the moment?  Did you allow yourself the space to do so?  What was your sensation at a physical level?  Did your mind want to distract you or did it relax and go with the flow?  Is it possible to use words to describe your emotions around creating in the moment?  I found myself to be “giddy”, “delighted”, “radiant”, “sassy”.  My mind allowed no distractions.  My cueing was with the language of the 52 Moves.  “Grapevine, Lateral Travel, Slow Clock, Cross Front Cha Cha Cha.  Double-time.  A physical sensation of being grounded (which never left me) seduced me into being in the moment.  It was pure passion…my sacred livelihood manifesting with each movement…each translation…each smile on my students’ faces.  

Endless gratitude for Nia and all its wonderous possibilities and conditioning! 

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