The Energy of Passion



I had a new student in my Nia class last night.  As usual, there was a little apprehension, a little nervousness.  The first focus was “to self-induce an internal massage with the essential oil of pleasure.”  The second focus was “momentum”.

We stepped in…we began our warm up to the music of “Wish U Were Here” from the Fly routine…the music is sensual and conducive to self-inducing an internal massage with the essential oil of pleasure!!!  She got it.  She was smiling.  She was moving her body, undulating her spine, creepy crawler fingers…

As the hour progressed, she continued to let go.  I could see and sense her ability to go with the momentum of the movements.  She revealed in her a movements a passion for dancing…a passion for healing…

After class her eyes were wide with wonderment.  Her exact words were “Thank you, this has been a very special night.”  She’ll be back.

“Get In Your Body” — yep.  She did.  I did.  The rest of the students did, too.  And I do believe our focus became a reality…


4 responses to “The Energy of Passion

  1. It was a great class! Second class this week that encouraged me to reach out beyond the usual. Thanks Jill!!

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