Small Victories


Friday is the 62nd year of celebrating my life on the planet Earth.

The photo above is of the 62nd Hexagram of the Chinese divination tool, the I Ching (pronounced Yi Jing).  The I Ching is centered on the ideas of the dynamic balance of opposites, the evolution of events as a process, and acceptance of the inevitability of change. The 62nd hexagram deals with small victories — in all aspects of one’s life — work, relationships, creativity, etc.

I would have to say that at this point in my life, small victories are the way to go.  I’ve never been in to the mindset of “success” as it relates to stature or monetary gains in the world.  I’m quite successful in my own world — the world of conscious movement — the world of teaching Nia, which for me goes well beyond what I offer in the classroom.  Nia ( is my platform for not only creative expression but spiritual expression, as well.  Do not confuse spiritual expression with religion.  I do not profess any religious beliefs — that is not my way.  Do I believe in God?  That would be a resounding YES.  But it is more than a belief.  I experience the qualities and characteristics of God in my daily living.  God and I are one and together we have a plethora of small victories on a daily basis.  Am I working toward perfection?  Hmmm. I’d have to say no, but I do begin and end my day with gratitude for those instances in which I lived to my highest vision and for those instances when I fell short.  Small victories attained through simply living in the moment.

I started out my focus of 2013 by choosing the image of Crow Woman, Guardian of Sacred Law.  What one expresses into the world is what one can expect from the returning cycle…or another way to put it (paraphrasing from the TV show “Laugh In”…I am 62 afterall)…”what you think, what you see and what you do is what you get.”  If you don’t like what you’re getting, then Crow Woman suggests that you change what it is you’re expressing into the world.

Small victories.  There are so many opportunities to think, to see and to do things differently.

What are your small victories?  What changes have you made or are you making that enhance your world?  That enchant your world?

As Captain Pickard would say, “make it so.”  I plan to make it so in every moment…and making  it a dance through life.

5 responses to “Small Victories

  1. Great post. I love, “I’m quite successful in my own world.” I feel a deep level of truth and understanding in that statement. It also helped me to shift my own perspective this morning. I had been lamenting the way I started my day today. Stayed in bed over an hour longer than I’d originally planned so I was therefore “running late” and didn’t get my early, quiet, coffee/writing time. My new really great writing routine that I was loving was already dashed…self-sabotaged, only eight days in to the new year. I was not happy with myself. But my small victory is that I still made it out the door, dressed and presentable and I still got Star to “school” on time and with her lunch packed. And then I was still able to stop for coffee on my way to work and take a moment for myself to read your blog and reflect and write this post. So…all is well. And I learned how valuable my writing time is…way more valuable then that extra time snuggled under the covers.

    • Oh what a lovely reply, Mary Carol. Made me stop and breathe myself as I just found out an appointment that I thought was tomorrow is actually today. I jumped into hyperspeed and then realized, no, I don’t need to do that. There is nothing more important than continuing to move consciously; jumping into hyperspeed is counter to that!!! Thanks for your post. I’m moving beyond an almost “self-sabotage” moment!

    • And I have to also add that I almost spat out my coffee when I read that you got Star to school on time “with her lunch packed.”. How darling! I trust your day will unfold as magically as it began!

      • Ha! I know…funny, huh? Did you picture her with a little knapsack? Hee. And now my day is shifting as we speak. The meeting that I needed to be at today has been canceled so the day’s agenda of to do’s and ta da’s are my own to manage. And I do trust it will all magically unfold.

  2. Ha, ha. I loved that picture of Pickard saying “Make it so” about the new year.

    I am really working on moving consciously. Whenever I start to rush, I pause, and slow down and move with focus and intent. For me that is an enhancement.

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