Forgiving and For Giving


Interestingly enough, the body DOES say what words cannot.  I’ve noticed more often than not that when forgiveness is needed and self-centeredness keeps us from offering it to ourselves and to others, the body ends up suffering.  (Metaphysically, we could translate “the body” as the planet, the world and those who inhabit it).

Self-centeredness, judgment and greed have blinded the human race from fully expressing the magnificence and greatness of who we were designed to BE.  We have fallen way short of the divine design — that we are Divine Beings in human form.  We would much rather choose to see only the “human” and not acknowledge the divine.  Such a waste.  Look around.  Do you like what you see in the world?  If you say yes, then I invite you to re-read the first sentence of this paragraph.  If more likely you say no, then part of the solution to bringing about more balance in the world is forgiveness.

Today is Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement in the Jewish world; a day of repentance and forgiveness.  I wish all of my Jewish friends an easy go of it.  

“Repentance” has such a heavy sensation to it and yet it need not be.  Forgiving and repenting need not include wailing and carrying a crushing load.  Repenting is the act of moving from the darkness into the light.  My yoke may be heavy, but my burden is “light” (as in the radiant light of the sun).  The body need not suffer with the weight of repentance and forgiveness.

I have learned to be both forgiving and for giving.  I first forgive myself for the judgments, the self-centeredness and the greed that is part of the load I carry simply because I am IN the world.  And I am for giving thankfulness and gratitude that I am consciously aware I am not OF the world.  My repentance is a simple act of saying “no thank you” as I turn away from the darkness.  In doing so, my body says what words cannot.  I dance.

I dance not because I want to but because I HAVE to.  It is my way of expressing forgiveness.  Emotions become untangled, thoughts become unencumbered, physically the sensation is of lightness, and spirit invokes the qualities and characteristics of the divine.  They all merge together as an uplifting, creative expression of Love.

So let your body say what words cannot — Love Your Body and Love Your Life.  Dance with me.  

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2 responses to “Forgiving and For Giving

  1. Thank you for your thoughtful communication.

    Yes, today, Yom Kippur, Steve and I fasted and prayed in the community we belong to, P’na Or, a Jewish Renewal synagogue. There is a great depth to the study from the Torah and the great rabbis as to what repentance and forgiveness really means. One of the things we do is say to others – and which I say now to you, Jill, “I ask your forgiveness for anything I may have said or done to distress you.” So often we distress another without realizing it – certainly that is not our intention.

    Happy dancing!

    • Thank you, Kaycheri, for your thoughtful reply! Forgiveness is so essential in the world and there is so little evidence of it (IMHO). Through the act of forgiveness, space is created in the heart realm for a greater realization of Love. It is my personal responsibility to offer forgiveness to myself and to others. I make it so.

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