Nia — Home for My Body


It was in the fall of 1999 when I first discovered Nia through my sister-in-law, Dee.  Many of you who know me have heard this story.  I moved to Wisconsin in September of 1999.   In October, my husband and I (we were not married at the time) went to visit Dee, who lives in Ft. Worth, Texas.  While there, she invited me to go to a Nia class with her.  WOW.  My body immediately fell in love…I was not as in tune with my body then as I am now, but I do remember distinctly sensing that my body felt “at home”.

Seems like yesterday.  I recall thinking that it would be a definite long shot to find a Nia class in Wisconsin; however, once I was back home I looked on the website and found several Nia teachers in Wisconsin — must’ve been at least 30 teachers.  I was amazed!  YES!!  The closest was about 20 minutes away.  Barb Wesson, who is now a Nia Trainer, was my first Nia teacher…and the one responsible for my taking the Nia White Belt Intensive — the first step to becoming a Nia teacher.  Who knew?  Me, an overweight introvert whose dream from an early age was to be a dancer, now stepping into the spotlight of being a dance instructor.  The thought of it petrified me.  

In June of 2001, I took that first step into my greatness…I became a White Belt Nia teacher.  In July of 2001, Frank and I were married.  Two of the most powerful, life-altering events of my life…my two passions.  How lucky can one girl get?  I’m not sure luck had anything to do with it.  My sensing is that Life had a plan and it was unfolding with graceful, dynamic ease.

I’ve been teaching Nia for 11 years and have journeyed through the entire Nia Belt System:  White Belt in 2001 — focusing on the body, the joy of movement and sensations; Blue Belt in 2003 — focusing on communication, relationship and intimacy; Brown Belt in 2006 — focusing on energy dynamics in all 4 realms — physical, mental, emotional and spirit; and Black Belt in 2008 merging the other Belt information into an alchemy of the unknown, allowing a truly unique creative adventure to unfold.

I am so blessed.  I not only share my life with my soul mate, I share my love of dance and my own creative spirit through the lifestyle practice of Nia — the premiere cardiovascular fusion fitness/dance exercise on the face of the earth.   It’s more than just cardio, dance or exercise.  Nia creates space for change.  And as we all know, change is the only constant in life…

5 responses to “Nia — Home for My Body

  1. Jill – It is hard to imagine you as “an overweight introvert”!!! Neither adjective seems to fit very well! But NIA does call us to change and to welcome our greatness. I am so glad that it is a part of my life as well!

  2. Thank you, Anita, for your lovely comment! I’ve made some life-changing choices through the years — Nia is certainly one of them. I hope to continue to teaching into my 90’s!!! HA! I’m delighted that you found Nia are consciously welcoming your greatness!!

  3. When did you start teaching? I am sure you’ve said before, but I don’t remember. Was it long after you became a white belt? And when did you open your studio?

    I love your story. I can read it again and again. 🙂 MUAH!

    • Hi Terre! Don’t ask me why I haven’t answered your questions…I did read your comment! I took my White Belt in June of 2001 and started teaching soon after that, so I’ve been teaching for 11 years. My studio started out as a tiny little space (no walls, just curtains) in the Nutman location. I could only have 6 students max. Then we rennovated and added the walls, the flooring and the mirrors. Very cool stuff. I love my studio. I love Nia!! Thanks for asking!

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