The practical side of “being spiritual”

The practical side of being spiritual is non-existent from my observation of many folks today — mostly our youth — who are desperate to “be spiritual” or have spirituality in their lives. There’s no sense of urgency to get on with one’s life…”spirit will take care of everything.”

No. Spirit will not take care of everything. Spirit is there…just like the mind, the body and emotions…to use with a sense of practicality. One has to act in a responsible and accountable manner with integrity and respect…and THEN spirit takes care of things.

I had a thoughtless encounter the other day…I was being practical, but I could’ve been more thoughtful with my words. My intention today is to let it go since the whole matter has ZERO to do with my life and ye it has everything to do with the energy of responsibility, accountability and practicality…and being spiritual.

Practical spiritual expression. Living with integrity takes guts and some brains. It takes being honest with one’s motives, one’s intentions, one’s wants and needs. It also takes self-confidence and the desire to be out in the world living one’s truth. Moving consciously.

Blessings and Miracles

So.  Life, as my husband and I knew it, changed on May 28, 2014.  My previous blog post spoke about it.  The Universe answers prayers (whatever you consider a prayer to be) in record time these days.  We lose someone close to us and a major player in our business and voila’, just the right person (or so we thought) comes to us with an offer we can’t refuse.  Perfect.  And so life is back on track and we begin to pick up the pieces.  Oh but wait…not so fast the Universe says…that was much to easy.  The Universe says to us “you talk a lot about staying in the place of the Most High, well, let’s see what happens with the rubber meets the road.”  Just as quickly as this perfect person decided to work for us, a different decision is made a couple of weeks later than perhaps it’s not so perfect after all.  Okay, Universe.  Throw me the ball.  I’m ready.

So in a nutshell (funny I should use that term since our company is The Nutman Co. USA, Inc.), the winds blew one direction one day and then tossed everything up in the air and blew them a different direction the next day.  The rubber met the road and it hit a speed bump.  Does a speed bump deter a well-trained winning race driver?  I think not.  

Clearly we MUST see these circumstances that come to us as blessings…blessings in the form of a road map and an internal GPS system.  If we stay in the driver’s seat and maneuver through life’s obstacle course with grace and gratitude, we will be shown the way to the winner’s circle.  Miracles manifest by trusting this internal guidance system.

A friend once wrote, “Our experience of miracles could include such things as life itself, our consciousness, the ability to reason, the experience of loving and so on. Then there are countless other miracles that relate to all the blessings that have come to us in our lives.  Hopefully, we each can see the miraculous way in which the personal affairs and emerging design of our lives have all unfolded.”

Yes, I certainly can.  Life has a design.  I don’t question it anymore.  I open myself to the constant movement of the Universe and find a plethora of gifts streaming forth.  If I were to think of all the things I’ve done and where I’ve been and what it took to be here in this moment…well, it would be truly mind-blowing.  But I Am Here Now.  And life’s adventure is unfolding at record speed.

My seatbelt and my helmet are on.  The engine is revving.  Bring on the obstacle course and the speed bumps.  It is a privilege to participate consciously in this delightfully crazy adventure.

Va-va-va-vroom!  Let the blessings and the miracles continue.

The Design Unfolds

Fall apart

I am certain God has a plan.  There is a design unfolding, I’m just not certain what it is.

My husband and I lost a good friend and major player in the business yesterday.  Unexpectedly.  Gone.  Just like that.

I am certain God has a plan.  There is a design unfolding, I’m just not certain what it is.  I don’t question it.  I trust.  God and Love never fail.  Humans…well that’s a totally different story, too long to tell in a blog.

An angel came into our lives 3 years ago, at a time when we were scratching our heads about how the business was going to continue to flourish.  He said yes to everything we asked.  He was a man of true integrity.  He always kept us an arm’s length away from anything personal, and we respected that about him.  He was an honest man, a loving man, a compassionate man.  A man who loved photography.  A man who loved children.  A man who loved God more than life itself.

I am certain God has a plan.  There is a design unfolding.  I’m just not certain what it is.  But I know that this man will be greatly missed on the planet and although his physical presence is no longer with us, I know that his spirit is still around.  He loved playing games.  He loved sarcasm.  He had a totally dry wit.  And as I sit here creating this blog post, I can hear him say, “don’t you have something else better to do…like go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather? I’m fine, really I am. Go. Go.”  Thank you, Jim, for all the love you showered on us, our business, your friends, the world.  Your radiant spirit is present.

I am certain God has a plan.  We are willing participants in its unfolding.  There is a design, I’m just not certain what it is but I know that the Truth is True and All is Well, Unconquerable Life Prevails.




Always Something Good!


This particular blogger is a favorite of mine — and this specific blog post spoke to me today. I love the Maya Angelou quote…more importantly I love how we always receive what we need to hear if we’re willing to listen. These words were very appropriate for a personal situation today…one in about which I was less than happy, but my husband said, “It’s not about the other person and what they should or shouldn’t have done; it’s about how one responds to the situation.” I am here to uplift and inspire. I can’t do that if I’m busy being in a snit about something fairly insignificant in the larger picture.

Originally posted on Terre Pruitt's Blog:

Dance Exercise, Nia, Nia at the City of San Jose, Nia classes in the South Bay, Nia Teacher, Nia Class, San Jose Nia, Nia San Jose, Nia workout, Nia, Zumba, PiYo, Gentle Yoga So . . . . how are you all doing?  Are you still filling that Goodie Jar ?  I am.  This is one of the things I have put in my jar . . . hence the crease in the middle of it.  I wrote on the back and folded it up and added to the jar of good things.  A friend sent it to me in a card.  It is a great motto!  Yeah, remember the Good Things Jar . . . it is an “exercise” in recognizing and being aware of the good things that happen every day even among the things that cause us sorrow.  When my mom got sick I asked her, I said, “Mom, I know you are sick and it is a very sad and scary thing, but is it ok if I am still happy about things?”  I didn’t want her to think…

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Seeing Red


I’m studying the Chakras again, readying myself for becoming a Reiki Master Teacher.  It’s an exciting journey…goes hand in hand with my love of Shamanism and my path as a blossoming Tarotista.

The first chakra is the Root Chakra.  Red is the color.  Stability, security, focused, grounded are just some of the words associated with this particular chakra.  As I studied the information given to me on the Root Chakra by my Reiki Master, I visualized the Ruby Red slippers from the movie, The Wizard of Oz.

Dorothy Gale and her little dog, Toto, are swept up into the eye of a tornado (the eye, of course, being the still place amidst the chaos; had she not traveled in the eye of the tornado, she would be dead and there would be no movie! I also find it interesting that the author gave her the surname of Gale – a very strong wind).  Anyway, after all the fuss of Dorothy and Toto arriving in Munchkinland, Glenda the Good Witch transfers the ruby red slippers from the now deceased Wicked Witch of the East to Dorothy’s feet — and the journey begins down the yellow brick road toward the Land of Oz.  All sorts of pitfalls, obstacles and distractions occur to keep Dorothy from getting to Oz.

So here are these ruby red (the color of the Root Chakra) slippers on Dorothy’s feet and she has to maintain her stability, her security, her self-esteem through it all.  The Adrenal glands, part of the Endocrine System, are part of the Root Chakra’s realm. Tell me that Dorothy and Toto’s adrenals didn’t get a good workout during this movie.  Holy cow!  Witches, flying monkeys, a silly old man acting the part of a Wizard from behind a curtain.  And then finding out that there really is no way for her to get back home — which is the only thing she wanted from the Wizard.  The Cowardly Lion received his Courage.  The Tin Man received his Heart.  The Scarecrow received his Brain.  But there was nothing in the Wizard’s little black bag that would get Dorothy back home. And then she learns that everything she wanted was right there with her all the time.

There really is no place like Home.  Home being the Root Chakra…where the journey begins.

Have you seen the Wizard of Oz movie?  Did the ruby red slippers captivate you (they did me!).

How is your Root Chakra?  Do you feel grounded and focused?  If so, great!!  If not, finding a Reiki practitioner would be a suggestion…also finding a Nia class ( is a great way to open and balance the Root Chakra.  Dancing, moving, walking in nature.  Do it.

Gratitude in ALL Things


I recently offered a Mindful Meditation class. Part of the class was geared toward identifying and acknowledging the inner voice of criticism. My invitation to the students was to avoid the temptation to rid themselves of this voice and instead give thanks for it. I have found that giving thanks, offering gratitude in ALL things (no picking and choosing) actually alters that critical voice. It no longer has any power and there is no thin skin in which to sink its talons. Gratitude alters ANY situation.

I spent a recent weekend at a Shamanic Journeying workshop. It had been over 20 years since my days in New Jersey attending Shamanic Journey training. I loved it then and it was exhilarating to reconnect with this powerful experience again. There are a multitude of scenarios that can occur during a journey; some of them making no sense whatsoever and only clarifying at some later point. It was during one of these recent journeys that I found my inner critic saying, “This is nonsense, you have better things to be doing.” “You really think this mojo works? You don’t have the patience or the fortitude for this kind of work.” Thankfully (there’s that gratitude!!), I had connected with a Spirit Guide who simply invited me to “just be grateful and move on.” I pictured my inner critic in a physical form, face to face and said “Thank you. I am grateful for what you say, but it is not the truth.” Pffft…the physical form of my inner critic was gone in an instant. After that experience (which was early on in the weekend), my journeys and training were immensely powerful and healing.

Negative energy in any form cannot sustain itself in the face of gratitude. Remember that. Gratitude in ALL things.  

I teach Nia. In and of itself, Nia is transformative. Transformative movement. Shamanic Journeying is transformative. Combining the two for my own personal Nia practice is an exciting prospect.

My Nia classes will continue to be pure Nia, and as I mentioned before, Nia is transformative movement. The intention and motivation for one’s Nia practice is key. There are a plethora of benefits for doing Nia: fun, weight loss, muscle toning, releasing and relieving stress, focus, emotional balance, self-esteem, self-confidence, more strength, more stability, more flexibility, more agility, more mobility…and the list goes on. 

Come and dance with me. Experience your own personal transformative journey with Nia. Your inner critic will tag along I’m sure, but give it no energy except for gratitude. Your inner critic has no power in the face of gratitude and joy. 






It is What It Is, Baby!

It is what it is

I continue to be mystified by the addiction of the world at large of needing to categorize everything as “good or bad.” We spend more time than should ever be allowed on judging people, events, circumstances…even the weather…as good or bad. Living in the midwest has proven to be somewhat of an ordeal this winter (not that other places haven’t had their own ordeal with which to contend).  Complaining about the weather is commonplace this winter. Winter is “bad”.  Summer is “good”…unless of course it’s too hot and we forgot how “bad” the winter was and wish for it to be cold again.

One restaurant is bad, another is good. One political party is bad, another is good. One country is bad, another is good.

There is a way, a very simple way, to rid oneself of this addiction.  “Thankfulness in all things.”

If you’ve been following my blog, you know I teach Nia. I end each of my Nia classes with “Gratitude in ALL things, no picking or choosing, and Let Love Command.”  Every Nia class ends with these words.  My life and how I live it is based on the four words, “Thankfulness in all things”.

There’s just no sense in complaining about something over which we have no control.  What if it were ALWAYS winter?  Would life be one constant judgment of the weather being bad?  How absurd.

Be thankful for ALL things.  Being thankful automatically eliminates the addiction of labeling anything good or bad.  There’s a line from the movie, Army of Darkness – “Good, bad, who cares, I’m the guy with the gun.”

And my smoking’ gun is “thankfulness in all things.”  Good, bad, who cares?  It is what it is.